Bring Your Camera With You

There are many times when I have had my cell phone with me and used it to photograph a morning sunrise, a deer not far from the side of the road, thick fog I’ve had to ride through, things found on the side of the road and millions of selfies (just kidding). As you ride more and more, become more comfortable on the bike and are able to take in your surroundings without compromising your safety, you’ll notice things and views along the ride that you hadn’t noticed, or wouldn’t notice, while in a car (even as a passenger) and you might want to preserve a memory of them with a photo. If your cell phone camera has the GPS turned on, your photos can be geo-tagged enabling you and others to link the photo with the location on Google (or other) Maps.

These photos are visual reminders of scenery that you had seen or events that happened while you were on your bike and add fun to the ride, they allow you to share your joy of cycling with others and may encourage you to cycle more so that you may see other things on other days (the same road can look different every day). As you cycle more and more, you begin to realize that the journey is the destination and you look forward to going out to find new scenes, views and experiences for your memories.

Sunrise over Science North
Robinson Lake during a morning’s commute
A post-winter’s-bike-commute selfie
A beautiful scene during a winter morning commute through Bell Park
The road to camp (cottage) taken on my way there after work on a Friday afternoon. Given that it takes about 3hrs to ride there, I probably left shortly after lunch so that I could arrive in time for a swim and a beer before dinner.
Most mornings, I take a highway bypass which has good pavement, wide paved shoulders and traffic isn’t so bad.
After a wind storm, the left panel with the photo of Keith was blown off and moments later, I saw the missing panel 50m down the road in a gully. He’s a big man (the complete tag line is “Big Presence, Big Results”) and all I could think of when I saw this was, “the bigger they are, the further they fall”.
This deer moved faster than my hand could move to grab my camera.
My first bike tour from Sudbury to Chutes Provincial Park for an overnight stay and returning the next day.
This photo was taken on the day I had my Wild Bike Commute home.
A high point overlooking Ramsey Lake, photo taken with my cell phone camera and geo-tagged.
A high point overlooking Ramsey Lake, photo taken with my cell phone camera and geo-tagged.

You may also want to take videos, here is one of mine. Sorry for the water on the lens, it was, in fact, a day with light rain and I didn’t think about wiping the water off the lens every once in a while until I viewed the video later on.


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