About Bike Tips Blog

I am just a guy who likes to cycle and over the past 5 years and slightly more than 15,000 km, I have acquired a little bit of experience. My purpose, in concert with recently joining up with the Sudbury Cyclists Union, is to encourage more people to get on their bikes and ride, whether it be for recreation or commuting to work or shopping, I don’t really care. Cycling is a fun activity that is easy to do and can be done, even in Sudbury, 8 months a year.

The tips I present on this blog are simply from my own experience and perspective: I am not a trained cyclist or mechanic and I will make some mistakes here but just as I learn from mistakes made on the bike, I will learn from your comments and corrections.

I get my ideas from cycling. While I’m out there on the bike, I think about what I’m doing, what’s going on around me and if I think of something that I haven’t written about before, I make note of it. By the time I write it up, let it mull for a while, edit it once or twice more, then schedule it for publishing to this blog, the situation might have passed so a post about riding in the hot sun might show up here on a rainy day. This doesn’t bother me, I hope it doesn’t bother you.

My first and biggest tip, therefore, is to get on your bike and out for a ride, then tell your friends and family how much fun you had.



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